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Bank & Currencies

The Cape Verdean currency is indexed on the Euro. The fixed exchange rate is 1 € = 110 ECV.

There is no currency exchange in Mindelo and Santo Antão. You will have to make your change in a bank. The wait can be long. If you see different notes showing the same value, do not worry. These are not Monopoly tickets, but the new Cape Verdean tickets.


At vending machines, withdrawals are limited to 20,000 ECV / withdrawal / card (Visa), up to 50,000 ECV / day. The costs of your French bank can be high. For information, it happens regularly that distributors are empty, especially at periods of festivals and other carnivals. It must be planned.

By the way, remember to notify your bank of your trip. If this can save you from having your card blocked.


Santo Antão has banking establishments in the main inhabited areas, which means 5 villages:

- Porto Novo

- Vila das Pombas

- Ribeira Grande

- Coculi

- Ponta do sol

Outside these areas, plan to have some fluid on you. 


Pay by card? In cash? In euros ? In Escudos?


The best for everyone is to pay in Escudos. It's the local currency, let's respect it. On a daily basis we use Escudos. In addition, if you pay in Euros, the exchange is made at 1 € = 100 ECV.

Payment by card is not obvious. Few institutions accept this type of settlement. Moreover all the cards do not pass. Visa goes all the way. This is the safest solution if you want to pay in card.

In summary, we advise you to come with the cash (Euros) that you will change into a bank, taking into account the scarcity of institutions. Your payments will be in cash. If needed, if you have a Visa card, you will be able to make money.

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